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our animal fAMILY

Our Alpaca Herd

We have over 30 alpacas living at the farm and include both breeds; the Suri and the Huacaya.

Many people ask what the difference between an alpaca and a llama is and the main different is height and size, with then alpaca being smaller.

goat stumps.jpg

Pygmy Goats

Our herd of pygmy goats have many different personalities.  They are herd animals so like to keep lots of company.  Pygmy goats originate from West African and they love to climb!

Rhea's & Emu's

We have both Rhea's and Emu's in our woodland area.  Rhea's are native to South America and are distantly related to the Ostrich and Emu.

Fun Fact: The male Rhea sits on the females nest of eggs to incubate them till they hatch.

The Emu is the second-tallest living bird after the ostrich and can run up to 40 miles an hour!



We have 2 different breeds of Wallaby's at the farm.  We have brown Parma Wallaby's and our albino Bennett Wallaby's.

Parma Wallaby's are the smallest of the Kangaroo, Wallaby and Wallaroo species and are native to South Eastern Australia.

Fun fact: a Parma Wallaby's tail is the same length as its body!

Bennett Wallaby's are sometimes called 'red-necked' Wallaby's and are a medium-sized marsupial.

Shetland Ponies

We have 2 Sheltland Ponies at the farm, Paris & Cupcake.  Both are Cremello colour and love lots of attention! 


Noodles & Nora

Noodles is a Valais Blacknose Sheep, a breed that originates from Switzerland and is known for their naturally docile friendly nature! They are famous for their shaggy coats and spiral horns as well as the black markings on their nose, knees, hocks and feet. This particular breed of sheep is sheared twice a year.

Nora is a very special & rare 'spitti' Valais Blacknose lamb. She is purebred but has been born with random black markings all over her body, including her tongue!


Dave has had a passion for parrots all his life and has McCaws to African greys.  Dave has also created a rainforest cabin for them, complete with rope swings and perches!


Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

We have both rabbits and guinea pigs at the farm and they both enjoy a cuddle in the arctic cabins!

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