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nanny sharon's alpaca farm

Our Farm

The story till now...

The initial concept of our farm began as a dream of husband and wife team, Dave and Sharon. Sharon suffered a cardiac arrest in 2017 and everything changed overnight.  Sharon sustained a hypoxic brain injury and the doctors were unsure if she would pull through.  But she did.

Dave took on the role to rehabilitate Sharon to the best she could be.  He taught her to walk, speak and laugh again.  Although this was not entirely on his own, he had help from a few four legged friends!

In 2018, Dave began building the foundation of the Farm as it is today. One by one adding alpacas, pygmy goats, emu's, rhea's and wallabies, all with the aim of supporting Sharon with her physical and mental rehabilitation. It soon became obvious that the farm had also become a wonderful outlet and form of therapy for Dave and his family. Spending time outdoors in nature and around animals helped them to process this life changing event and spurred Dave on to find ways in which he could help others in the local community.

In 2022, Nanny Sharon's Alpaca Farm became a registered Community Interest Company, operating as a non-profit organization. Since then, we have joyfully opened our doors to welcome visitors from all walks of life. The transformative power of being in the presence of our animals is palpable from the moment you arrive. The farm offers a range of benefits for visitors, including companionship, improved motor skills, enhanced mood, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased movement and activity—all achieved through outdoor walks and playful interactions. The results are evident, regardless of age or background.

Come and experience the magic of Nanny Sharon's Alpaca Farm for yourself. Step into a world where healing and joy intertwine, and where the gentle presence of our animals has the power to transform lives. Join our community and embark on a journey of resilience, hope, and connection.

The Farm has evolved and adapted with every new need or challenge faced.

  • Woodland paths have been built to safely accommodate our 'Mountain Trike' electric push off-road wheelchairs (expertly trialled by Sharon), making our Walks accessible for everyone to enjoy the benefits.

  • In winter, the addition of our 3 Arctic Cabins ensured our Experience offerings can continue to run even with the ever-changing weather conditions.  A cosy log fire to enjoy a cup of tea after walking an alpaca.

  • An expertly sculpted wooden seating area (log burner coming soon) provides a large accessible outside area for use when the weather is more forgiving to host events and parties.


Our Woodland Trail

Dave has designed and made the woodland trail to be accessible for Sharon in her Mountain Trike wheelchair, helping her with her rehabilitation.

We want this space to be enjoyed by everyone and have been fundraising allowing us to purchase 2 new off road wheelchairs for the centre.

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